Farm Life - Sheep Shearing

Hello dear friends, I'm so glad you could stop by.

I spent a few hours the other day over at the neighbours farm to watch the sheep shearing. . . but actually I think I just like watching the sheep I was fascinated by their personalities.

Sheep, just like people, are born with their own unique set of traits. . . I find this very interesting.

Some were skittish, some resigned themselves to the fact that shearing was inevitable and a few would have none of it.

The ram seemed unimpressed and waited his turn without incidence though he proved to be a formidable opponent when it came time to man handle him into position.

This was my favourite shot. . . the colour is so warm but these girls are in definite need of a trim.

I do believe I may have a few shots I can use for drawing later.

Little lambs are so shy.

Have fun and enjoy counting sheep.



  1. Oh such great photos Sheila. I love the different shades and textures that come through in the photos. I could definitely see some of these being blown up as artwork and definitely as inspiration for one of your beautiful drawings. Can't wait to see!

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Lisa, it was so much fun watching these guys...sheep are so weird.


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