In keeping with the Spring theme this FLORAL colouring page comes from Inky Imagined, all decked out for you to colour.

I used these images for a colouring calendar I produced a couple of years back...lots of little spaces to fill.

Download this week's page HERE.

Please use for your own personal enjoyment. Tag me on Facebook or Instagram @SheilaArt and show me what you have done.


I thought for this Fun Friday I would share another one of my colouring pages from Inky Imaginings so you can download and have some fun colouring.

This page is all complete all you have to do is haul out your crayons, coloured pencils or markers and enjoy.

Enjoy your weekend and take a little time for you.


Life has been a little bit stressful these days...maybe you need to take a break...remember, you need some time to decompress as well.

Would you like to colour and doodle this Namaste page from my Inky Imaginings?  A little gift from me to you.  You can download it here for your personal use.

Take some time to relax during our trying times.

Print on an 8.5" x 11" paper and colour away those stresses and remember to breathe.