28 August 2020

Leaf Study - Paper Birch


(Betula Papyrifera)

We live on a farm.  We grow crops...mostly corn and soybeans...and we grow trees.

This summer son #1, Rob, opened up our back property to access our, mostly cedar, bush.  Upon exploration we found oaks, birch, elm, ash, trembling aspen to name a few.

I have for years documented what grows on our property be-it wildflowers, plants, and trees.

Taking it a step further I am studying each of our tree species in more depth to gain a better understanding of how they grow in order to propagate more.

I hope you will follow along on my journey of discovery.

This is Betula Papyrifera (I love their scientific names) known for their white paper like bark.

22 May 2020

Colouring & ART - A Free Download

...A little Art to colour!
...A little ART for you to colour!

I think you might like this one...