Do you have a favourite photo of someone you love, miss or cherish?  I can help with that.

Here are a few portraits I've done...you'll see what I mean.

This was created from a beautiful snap shot a client sent of her father who turned 88 last summer.

This is a portrait I did at Christmas.  This was the clients favourite photo of her husband...I love the simplicity.

Do you have a special item or keepsake that you would like to hang on your wall?  I have a suggestion for you. . . an Heirloom Drawing.

My youngest son loves his Converse running shoes so I thought to commemerate his Chuck Taylor years I did a Graphitint drawing he can hang on his wall.  This way when the shoes are long gone he has his memory.

It can be a child's favourite toy or baby shoes . . . 

Grandpa's pocket watch or Grandma's wedding knife . . .

An old sawdust filled pincushion that belongs to your Mom.

I will arrange with you to take a few photos to find the pose you like and then I will head to my studio to create a 8x10 graphite drawing on smooth white Bristol.

Here is another example of this . . . your child in sports . . . 

Each drawing will be an original concept by me and will come matted in white.
  Packages starting at $400
for an 8 x 10 in graphite

10 x 13     $650
11 x 14     $770

I can also turn your drawing into prints and cards for sharing with family and friends.  This way many can share a treasured possession.

What a lovely way to remember and share.


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