Do You Like to Colour and Doodle? Me Too!

I remember as a child spending hours colouring with my Laurentian 24 pack of coloured pencils in front of our black and white TV that carried only three channels...ahhh, those were the days.  Fast forward to my teen years, Doodle Art was all the rage.  Big poster sized sheets crammed full of all kinds of black and white shapes and intricate images...this is where my love of doodling and colouring began.

It is so relaxing for me...almost meditative.  I can slip away from all the hub bub even if just for a moment or so and doodle.  I think more and more we are realizing how calming this alone time can be.  You can concentrate on the task at hand without having to think too much about it...there are great benefits in that.

So, I thought, why not create my very own Colouring/Doodle folder...and Inky Imaginings was born.!

Being my very first "book" endeavour, I kept it simple and exactly like something I would look for in a book store.

It's filled with 22 parchment pages (an extremely lovely paper to play on with pencil and pen) printed with all my drawings and housed safely in a 9x9 folder that comes in 5 different and beautiful colours; Green Tea, Pink Polkadot, Sand Polkadot, Kraft and Periwinkle Blue. (Kraft colour not shown but I think you know what it is)

Each sheet can be worked on individually for ease of use, no bumpy bindings to fiddle with.  Later you can frame each sheet if you so desire.

I do hope you check out my book and enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy go to this link:

Happy colouring!

Colouring Book/Folder - Inky Imaginings

My first colouring book filled with 22 individual sheets of my drawings & doodles printed on parchment paper housed in a sturdy folder for you to colour & add your own pen & ink work.

5 folder colours to choose from:
Green Tea
Periwinkle Blue
Pink Polkadot
Sand Polkadot

Cost: $20.00 plus shipping & handling

Folder Colours


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