This Week In The Studio

Hello my Artsy friends, hope your weekend was lovely. . . mine was. . . quiet (sigh) nice.

I'm having a dental procedure done this week so I'm afraid I'm not going to feel much like working. . . I'm hoping for the best though, you know hope for the best/expect the worst.

I will be continuing on my Baby Shoe drawing, it should be just about done except for a few tweaks so stay tuned for that and another Derwent pencil give away (I love giving things away).

I'm still spending some time purging in the studio. . . it's a spring cleanse, feels so good to sort and eliminate. . . it gives me room to roam.

The above is a sketch I did of a photo I took a while back, I love bees. . . they are so industrious and such hard workers, great inspiration when I get bogged down.  I'm going to hang this on my board next to my 'Energy' word.  I find visual cues help me greatly when I'm struggling just as colour and music compliment my process.

Wish me luck at the dentist. . . yikes!

Have wonderful week friends.



  1. Is that merely an insect or a representation of the Dentist in your drawing on this post?!! Good Luck, the anticipation is usually worse than the experience, I find. Take it easy this week! Sip on some hot chocolate or a cool version ( if you like chocolate)as a post appt. feel good soother.

    1. Yes I never thought of that Wendy, maybe unconsciously I was envisioning something, your observation made me laugh. I think you're right, the anticipation has been worse. . . so far so good, a little pain but not as bad as I expected (so far) thinking good thoughts. Having a chocolate pudding for supper (yes I like chocolate) Sometimes I like being the one who is sick, but not too sick. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  2. Oh I do wish you luck! I am having a root canal tomorrow, yuck!! I love bees too. I have been pinning things with bee symbols on them. Want to do my studio when you are finished with yours? I'm fresh out of ideas.

    1. Oh thanks Susan. I hope your root canal goes well, techniques are so much better nowadays, I had 2 done probably 20 years ago. Just keep telling yourself it won't last forever, that's what I did today. I love bees too, they are so cute. With the studio my best advice is to set zones for things, it helps in organizing and purging. . . only keep what you have room for. You can sell what you don't need and make some extra cash. That's what I'm doing.

  3. I hope your dental procedure went well and you aren't in too much discomfort. I had an implant done about 4 years ago. I was so freaked out about having my tooth pulled out, and then the screw put in. But it really wasn't so bad - although I did have a gap in the front of my mouth for 9 months!

    I really like your bee sketch :-)


    1. Yes it went very well Kelly, thank you, better than I expected though it is a little achy but that's bearable. I just have to remember to keep up with the cleaning regime and remember to eat soft foods which is proving to be very challenging. Yikes, your procedure sounds so much worse though anything to do with inside the mouth is ick to me. Talk to you soon.


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