Draw With Me - Week 12

Hello and welcome my Artsy friends. . . Spring has sprung, how is it looking in your neighbourhood?  We are having a summer heat wave, it has been just glorious with 27C temps.  It's like having a holiday without having to go anywhere.

I have been progressing with my drawing nicely, maybe not spending as much time as I should but I just had to get outside and enjoy the fabulous weather we have been blessed with.  I have completed the toe of the second shoe, scuffs and all, along with the scalloped detail and now I will head into the lace detail. . . there's not much left to do now.  I worked the box as I have come along to limit my hand drag over the shoes themselves.

When working the shadows I like to set my drawing away from myself so I can look at the darks as shapes, I get a better idea of where they lie.  I continue to erase my grid as I work and I will go back into an area to add more depth with my 6B. . . it's all about the details now. . . I love this part.

We are almost finished. . . keep working. . . you're doing a great job!

Any questions?  Ask away. . . I'm here to help.


PS  The winner of last week's draw is Rosa Yorke of Orleans. . . congrats!  I will be having one more drawing for this post.  Leave me a comment here or become a member, follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, leave a comment there and your name will be entered in the draw.  Good luck!

I will leave the background white, I want to focus on the shoes. . . draw attention to them only.


  1. You are so talented. We have had lovely weather too!

  2. Thanks Susan, you are so sweet. I am so loving this weather, it's so enlightening...I will miss it.

  3. Hi Sheila,
    I love the idea that you take the time to extend art lessons. I have yet to sit and start but I know I will get to it. I enjoy seeing the shoes come alive and appreciate your ability to do so. Overcast and rainy here today but as I look out my workroom window I am greeted by the color of a red bud tree!

    1. Oh thanks Wendy, I love to share what I know. Hopefully this will inspire you to begin a drawing and if not I'm glad you stop by to check out what I'm up to. We have returned to more 'seasonable' temps and weather...yuk so it's quite a bit chillier. I'll be beginning another drawing when the Baby shoes are done so keep popping in.

  4. look so real! congrats for the blog

  5. I love watching the progress of your baby shoe drawing. It makes me think that MAYBE I could do something similar. But then I play Draw Something on my iPad, and I realize that I'm pretty hopeless! I just cannot get what I envision in my mind to come out through my hand *Sigh*



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