Draw With Me - Week 13

Hello and welcome my Artsy friends, hope you are having a productive week.  Our weather turned cold again so I am back in winter mode though our snow is all but gone so that is nice.

So lets jump right into my drawing.  I must apologize for not accomplishing as much as I had promised last week. . . this gum surgery has slowed me down a bit.

I did managed to finish the shoe box and completed a good portion of the laces which takes longer as that is where the detail sits. . . I want to get them just right, it is the focal point for me.  I also have erased most of the grid lines now as I only need a few on the shoe itself.

I do tend to got back into an area if it catches my eye to add a little more shadow or depth but you have to know when to stop to. . . you don't want to over work it.  

It is good to take a break from you drawing for a period, this will give you some perspective.  Sometimes when you stare at something too long you loose sight. . . you need to look at the big picture.  This also helps when there is an area that may be giving you trouble. . . step away for a while, it will be clearer (honest) when you come back.

Keep working, you're doing great.


PS  The winner of last weeks Derwent Graphitint Pencil blister pack is. . . drum roll please. . . Wendy of @littlenevabakes in Virginia, USA.  Congrats Wendy!  Since I didn't complete my drawing this week I think I will give away another Derwent Pencil blister pack.  Leave me a comment, follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, join my blog page here and I will enter you in the draw.  Good luck.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your gum surgery. I hope today finds you well. I have been missing you on twitter. Of course I'm in love with your drawing!!

    1. Oh thanks Susan, you are sweet. Today was better than yesterday so expect tomorrow will be better than today. Yes I haven't seen you much either though I must admit I haven't been spending too much time there. Glad you like the drawing, I am anxious to get it completed. Talk to you soon.


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