This Week In The Studio

Hello my Art loving friends. . . hope you had a fabulous weekend.

We've had a bit of flu/sickness in the house over the last couple of days so I've been laying low/taking it easy and popping my vitamins in hopes it won't catch me. (crossing my fingers)

One thing I have been doing though is continuing with the Right Brain Business Plan. . . this has been a great guide for me.  Now the author, Jen Lee, is hosting a summit that companions her wonderful book.  She is having guest speakers giving tips for your business.  Great info if you are a right brainer like me.  If you are looking for more direction in your business check out this book.

I'm continuing with my Baby Shoe drawing for the Draw With Me series and I will have the draw for the Derwent pencils Tuesday evening so get your name in.

Have a great week of creating and exploring.



  1. Hi Sheila, hope you don't get sick! i can never figure out if I'm left or right brained. I am left handed with art and writing, but I do a lot of other things right handed., of course. lol i would love to enter the drawing!

    1. I did get a little sick but not too bad just a little sluggish. You sound like my husband he is left handed but only for certain's a funny and strange thing out brains. I will definitely enter you in the draw. Thanks for your comments.


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