Draw With Me - Week 10

Well hello my drawing buddies. . . how goes the creating?

Have you had much time to work on your pencil drawing?  I've been managing to fit in a little here and there though we have had a little sickness running through the house so I must say I haven't accomplished as much as I would like.  

I do have to remind myself and I will tell you too that it is the process of creating which is the most rewarding for me, not the finished product . . an important step in your journey.  Drawing for me is meditation. . . I can escape all the laundry, cooking, cleaning etc. when I sit down to draw and clear my mind even if it's just for a brief period and I think we all really need that in our day.

I am still working my drawing from the top left and fanning out wards.  I will often go back into a section and rework as the mood strikes me if I see something that needs to be tweaked.  Something else that helps me to progress in a drawing is to periodically  'clean up' my white areas to keep them white.  these are areas you have left for highlights. . . they can become smudged when moving back and forth over the area.  Take your knead-able eraser and form into a point or flat (what ever shape you need) and lift out graphite.  Using your small white drafting eraser is also helpful.

So continue working your drawing and let me know how you are getting along.  I'm here if you need me.


Happy Drawing

PS  The winner of the Derwent drawing pencils blister pack for last weeks draw is Susan Hemann of Ohio, congratulations!  This giveaway thing is so much fun I'm going to do another!  I will be giving away another blister pack of Derwent Graphitints.  Follow my blog, like my FaceBook page, follow me on Twitter, retweet a Tweet, leave a comment or share a post and I will enter you into the draw.


  1. It's looking good. I think I have an idea for you to draw for me. Could you do a picture of baby booties and the baby together?

  2. I'm sure I can take a look and see what we can do...there are endless possibilities. Let me know.

  3. Your drawing is so wonderful. You are so right about it being a process. I get so caught up in daily living, I forget how relaxing drawing and painting can be. I get so into it that I forget everything else.

    1. Thanks Susan, I love to see it come together. Drawing is very relaxing, very much like meditation. I'm the same way I get into the drawing and time just flies by.


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