Draw With Me - Week 9

Hello fellow Artsies. . . are you ready to get at our drawing?

So as I mentioned last week I begin working my drawing from the top left corner as I'm a righty. . . if you are a lefty you work from the opposite side. . . makes sense right?

I start to block in the most obvious shades which gives me a base to gauge my shades.  I like to use my HB pencil (the one I used to lay down my base line drawing) it's fine enough to fill in the grain of the paper albeit smooth. . . the darker and softer the pencil the more it tends to sit on top of the paper.  I find it better to create layers of pencil and gradually build to the dark.  If you try to use your dark pencils too early they are very hard to lift off if you need to. . . the layers will give your drawing more depth.  At the beginning I like to use HB, 2B, 4B. . . save the 6B and 8B (or darker) until the end.

Also, the dark pencils will smear very easily. . . makes a mess of your drawing and nobody wants that.

Keep working on your drawing and I will do the same and we will see how far we get next week.

Happy Drawing

Any questions?  Please don't hesitate to ask. . . I'll see what I can do to help.


PS  The winner of the Derwent Graphitint blister pack for last weeks draw is Heather Williamson of Kanata, congratulations!  This giveaway thing is so much fun let's have another!  I will be giving away another blister pack of Derwent drawing pencils.  Follow my blog, like my FaceBook page, follow me on Twitter, leave a comment or share a post and I will enter you into the draw. . . simple.

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