Draw With Me - Week 11

Hello my Artsy friends. . . how are you faring this week?  Spring has sprung around my neck of the woods. . . it is lovely to see the birds return and to see the snow disappear.

So we are continuing with our drawing. . . just working away at each section, reworking and adding more depth with our 6B-9B pencils.  It's the contrast between light and dark that gives you the depth in your drawing. . . it is where the interesting stuff is, what draws the eye.

As I work my way around my drawing I begin to erase my grid lines so they don't interfere with what I'm doing.  Really the grid was there just for placement, for my basic drawing, as I add my detail the grid is no longer needed.

I am using more of my darker pencils now, concentrating on leaving the highlights white and keeping those areas clean (a little bit of a challenge but if you keep aware of it right from the beginning, covering areas with a scrap piece of paper as you work will help).
I hope you are enjoying my drawing lessons as much as I'm enjoying sharing my process with you.  If you have any questions please ask away.

Keep on drawing. . . you're doing a great job.


PS Yes, I'll be doing another draw for a blister pack of Derwent drawing pencils this week but first the winner for my last post is . . . Patti Agapi of Orillia, Ontario. Congrats!  If you would like to be in on this week's draw leave a comment, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, re-post this post or follow this blog then I will have a name to put in the hat.


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    1. Thanks Wendy, I love to see a drawing develop...it's very exciting to see it come together.

  2. Whoops, I fell a little bit behind with the drawing lessons - all caught up now :-) Man, I wish I had your talent - I just cannot get over the amazing detail and shading in your baby shoe! It looks so realistic, like you could pick it up off the page and put it on :-)


    1. Oh Kelly you are good for my ego. I should record your voice with little sayings of encouragement so I can play them back when I'm having a bad day. I think when you love to do something, like you with your painting, it just comes out so easily...you can't contain it. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  3. Hi Sheila, I never thought about putting a piece of papeer under my hand while drawing. I'm left-handed and I have a tendency to smear everything! Have a good weekend.

  4. Hi Susan

    I always have a paper under my hand as I work, lifting and moving it as I go...it helps a lot to keep your piece clean. You are a lefty too right? Do you work from right to left? This will limit how much you drag your hand over your work and reduce your smearing. Hope that helps a little.



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