This Week In the Studio

Welcome my Artsy friends. . . welcome to the studio.  I have some neat things to share.

A wonderful and talented designer friend of mine, Sonya Kinkade spearheads an ambitious project as lead designer on EXTREME MAKEOVER KINDNESS EDITION for the United Way Ottawa.  Each year a well deserving organization is chosen for a makeover.. . this year it is the Foster Farm Family House Homework Club.  Sonya designs with a team of talented women who co-ordinate donations from local businesses to create a new space.  I am very pleased to be able to donate to such a wonderful project. . . I have donated a framed graphite print of 'Harley' the cat. . . I thought the kids might like him, he has a friendly face.

To learn more about this check out Kind Ottawa.

Another wonderful thing this week is I received a parcel in the mail (I love to get things in the post) all the way from Cincinnati thanks to my thoughtful cousin Marilyn.  It is ink made from the backyard black walnut tree by Elizabeth W. Schott.  I am looking forward to experimenting a little though it has been a while since I dabbled in ink. . . should be fun.

So that's a good start.  Take care and have a wonderful week creating.  

Stop by on Thursday to find out who won last weeks draw for the Derwent pencils. . . and not to worry I'll have another draw for this week.



  1. Thank you Sheila for your wonderful donation to the EMKE project - I'm sure the kids will love Harley the cat :-)

  2. Oh it is my pleasure Kelly...I am so pleased to be able to give to such a wonderful project. I hope the kids love Harley...he was a wonderful cat.

  3. So nice of you to donate your picture! That ink looks fabulous. Does she sell it on-line? I just bought some powered ink from The colonial Williamsburg shop. The package is really cool. Fine Blue Ink-Powder. I haven't tried it either, but I have a quill pen and ink pot from Williamsburg so I thought I would play with it.

  4. Thanks Susan, it`s a wonderful project and I hope the kids like Harley. Yes I believe she does sell her ink on-line...check out the link, I think it may take you there. Your blue ink-powder sounds really interesting.

  5. What an incredibly thoughtful gift from your cousin. She is something special.

    1. Yes thank you she is an incredibly thoughtful person. Thanks for leaving a comment about her...I will let her know.


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