Draw With Me - Week 8

Hello drawing friends. . . hope you are well.  So glad you could drop by.

So this week we will be transferring our drawing using our photograph as a guide.  We have our grid laid out on our paper or in my case, Bristol smooth and on our photo.  I start with the most obvious shapes. . . easiest to block in and then I work my way to the more difficult where the detail is.  I use a rough reference (measurement around square) to position my lines which helps with placement.

Using my Derwent HB pencil I begin in the top left corner (because I'm a righty) and work my way to the right using a piece of scrap paper under my hand to prevent oils from getting on my surface.  Notice that my drawing is light. . . just enough to see, don't be too heavy with your pencil.

It takes some time to do this but I have learned over the years that if you have a good under drawing then the rest is a walk in the park.  Take your time with this process. . . erase and replace if you must until you are satisfied. . . this is an important step in the development of your drawing.  It's also a nice way to ease yourself into it if you've been away from drawing for a while.

Be patient with yourself. . . it's the process that is the most appealing not the finished product.  If you enjoy the process it will most definitely show in the end result.

Have fun with your drawing. . . next week you will see how much I have got done.


PS  Congratulations to Danielle Bernier, the winner of the Derwent drawing pencils from last week's post.  Not to worry I am having another.  This week I am giving away a blister pack of 6 Graphitint pencils from Derwent.  Same as last week, leave a comment, share my post, join my blog, join my FaceBook page, follow me on Twitter etc. you get the picture (no pun intended).  I will make the draw next Tuesday at 7pm.  Good luck.


  1. Oh Sheila, where were you when I was taking Drawing Techniques at Algonquin?! I SO could have used your drawing advice! After doing 5 drawings/week for homework, I kind of lost the drawing mojo. But between reading this post and seeing your beautiful work, I feel the mojo coming back :-) I have to go catch up on your other Draw With Me posts - should probably start at week 1 ;-)

  2. Kelly

    Kelly. If there is anything I can help you with please let me know, I love to share what I know. Check along the top tabs, all the draw with posts are there minus the comments.

    So nice to hear when someone gets excited about my drawing posts, inspires me as well.

    Talk to you soon


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