This Week In The Studio

Hello and welcome to the studio. . . I hope you had a lovely weekend.

I've been working on a few adjustments to the drawing for the Tai Chi t-shirt design I showed you the other week.  That's part of the process. . . you start with an idea, that idea turns into a visual and then we just tweak till we get it right.  This is something I will try to finalize this week. . . I think they would like to get these t-shirts approved and printed.

I am moving along quite nicely with my Draw With Me segment every Thursday, I hope you can stop by to check out my progress.  This week we will be cropping our photo and setting up the grid.  I will also be having a give-away for the next couple of weeks. . . a blister pack of Derwent drawing pencils.

I am contemplating a new drawing that has been swirling around my head. . . an old 1954 Chevy truck that lay in ruins.  I managed to get a few great shots of it a while back so it has been calling to me. . . I guess it's time.

That's it for me though I guess that's enough isn't it.

Take care and look in on me on Thursday. . . this will be part of my Heirloom drawings.



  1. Just love your drawing!! I'm a bit behind on Thursday workshop, hope to catch up by Thurs. Took some photos of the Lake Erie I would like to draw.
    They are on my blog right now. Do you think it's possible to draw one of them. I am not sure.

    1. Oh yes Susan they would be wonderful to draw. I especially like the one with all the birds...that would be a lot of fun. You don't have to do the whole photo, you can take a portion of it and concentrate on a few of the birds but only if you like. You could try it both ways, a zoomed in version and a whole version. I hope that helps you to decide.

  2. thank you. I was thinking the same thing. I like the trees too.


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