Draw With Me - Week 6

Hello my drawing buddies. . . are you ready for this weeks topic?  Photographing our subject.

I prefer to work from photographs.  This allows me the freedom to take my drawing with me and work where ever I please.  I'm not stuck to a still life set up.  

I like to use my camera to help with the composition of my drawing.  I can take from different angles as well as using different lighting sources to see which provides me with the best detail and contrast. . . detail is what I love the best.

I have a fluorescent overhead and two adjustable stand lights that seem to be just ideal for my props though you can use whatever you have available.  Sometimes a bright sunny window is the best lighting. . . you need to experiment, different rooms, different times of day. . . find what works with your vision for your drawing.

I like to keep the background light so I often use watercolour paper as my base layer.  I then begin to add subjects to the setup.  You have your main focal point (main subject) and then you may have related or complimentary items.  For this drawing I am going to use the baby shoes and their box (this is the box they came in, isn't that cool)  You may find objects that are related or you can use a single item. . . both ways work, there is no wrong answer.

So here we go.  I'll take photos from all around the subject then load them onto my computer to have a better look.  Once I find the photo I like I can then crop, lighten or darken and clean up elements I don't require.  This may take a while and sometimes I leave it and come back the next day when my head is clearer to take a second look and make sure that's the drawing I've envisioned.

So what do you think?  Not so hard.  Any questions?

Next week we will grid off our drawing.

Happy photographing.


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