I Wear Many Hats

As I buzz around my studio printing this, packaging for my next show it occurred to me that I have learned many jobs since I first began this journey to becoming an 'Artist'.

I had heard a designer speak about his creations on a local TV segment a while back and said his work was 20% designing and 80% business...this resonated with me, he was so right.

When I first decided that yes it was a good idea to put myself out there and sell my wears I had no idea how many things I would learn along the way.  I am not only the main component of what I sell but I also have become marketer, spokes person and girl Friday...extraordinaire of course.

I have become very adept in creating booth displays (well, what works for me) and branding and again what works best for me though I have found that to be an ever evolving concept.

I have needed to spend many hours with my computer and Nikon...Photoshop, is the big one, I've learned about social media though that is a vast and every changing entity..Twitter, Blogspot, Flickr, Facebook and Etsy have become my dear friends. 

I've learned about printing with my new Epson, researching paper, and ink and finding where I can get he best prices. I've learned about having copies made at a reproduction house and  dealing with professional printers

And I've only scratched the surface...then there is my office duties, searching for shows, organizing an art show, purchasing new supplies, keeping in touch with old clients and making new alliances and thinking of new ways to promote my awesomeness...you know I'm exhausted thinking about it...but what about the art?   Oh ya lets get some new drawings in there too and experiment with new techniques and materials.

But you know I wouldn't have it any other way, I only answer to me and I am my best supporter.

You know the next time someone says to you 'Must be nice to stay home and draw all day' you can say 'yes it is' knowing that they have no idea of what it takes to be an 'Artist'...you don't know what it is like to walk in another person's shoes until you do.

We wear many hats but you know hats are fun and it's never boring being me.

Have a good one.


  1. Your experiences and accounting for "how nice it is to stay at home all day and draw" is a stunningly accurate detail of an artist's daily routine-- at least compared with mine. The business end of this endeavor is important from the standpoint of feedback about your work as well as monetary success. We need to know how our work is successful in achieving creative goals and we also need to market ourselves the best we can. My days,lately, go anywhere from 10 to 12 hours of sustained effort. While I really try to take care of "business" I have to guard against being caught up in the "busy" stuff and not stray far from the "make art" target...which is, after all, what we are about. I will go back now to that sparring match....just thought I would affirm a poignant observation on your part. Continued success to you. JV

  2. I used to have a shop, where I sold my things and had 101 other artists things there too. Plus I was teaching in the shop and raising two small children. I know it is difficult to keep up with everything! That was before the internet. Being on the computer is a big time eater. I have trouble making time to make things or paint.


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