So Far So Good

Hello bloggies, how goes your battle?  We keep forging ahead don't we...

I've been working on a preliminary drawing to figure out all the issues before I put it down in colour pencil though I can say I like it in black and white too...all the tones...awesome.  It is loosely based on a kind of exemplar of sorts but focusing more on the fact that these are vintage typewriter keys and not the lettering itself.

If you're wondering...Exemplar: By definition is a 'copy of a book or text.'

I have an idea (and I can see it in my mind) that this is going to look fabulous in colour...I cannot wait until I can get to it...browns, silver...antique like.

So the new Derwent graphite pencils have been wonderful to work with and me being a true Faber Castell gal I was surprised to see that I would be impressed but alas I am.  They are smooth and I can achieve fantastic dark elements with a range from F to 9B...truly that's what we ultimately are seeking.

Have a fabulous week and remember...'don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.'- Dr. Seuss.


  1. Oh this is exiting. I love Exemplars.

  2. I very much look forward to the end result. Hope it comes out as good as it is in your head.


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