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Hi Bleeps...welcome to my little bit of paradise.  It's Saturday...are you playing today?

I spent the better part of yesterday experimenting with creating some backgrounds for a few drawings I'm developing.  I have these ideas swirling around my brain so I have found the best way to set myself free is to set them down on paper.

I find this so relaxing, the repetitive pattern, I love to shade.  To choose a few colours that compliment each other (not necessarily complimentary colours though) they could be variations on the same hue...or not, what ever I'm feeling at that particular moment.  It's not about the finished product anymore it's about being creative...exploring.  If you find it difficult then you're on the right track.

In the photo above I've been shading swirls...appropriate considering ideas have been 'swirling' around lately.  I'm not sure what I'm using this for, I think I'm just trying out new ideas.  This would make a lovely background though ...yes.  I've been using verithins for this particular experiment because of the control I have on the course paper.  The base colour is soft pink the next shade is greyed lavender.

You just never know what works until you actually try it.  

Art is creating...creating is Art.

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  1. I have always loved swirls too Sheila... there'e some eternally timeless about them... in art history they come up again and again. My mom loved to create swirl designs on our birthday cakes... Man, I could watch her do that for hours... as a kid. Thanks for the inspirational thoughts. Michelle


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