Derwent Graphic Soft - Today...smoothness

Hello dear artsies...

I had a chance to experiment a little with these pencils over the weekend and I've got to tell you I was impressed.  They have a wonderful smooth flow to them on many different surfaces and also are very comfortable to hold for long periods of time...very important to someone like me.

I'm also a person who loves cases and containers to keep things organized and protected.  There is nothing worse to me than dropping pencils to later find them impossible to sharpen due to broken graphite inside...we all have our pet peeves.

I think these pencils will be a great addition to my tool box and I look forward to putting them to use in my next drawing.


  1. Thanks for doing the research! I'll try some! I'm looking forward to see what you draw next! But, could you also tell me how you go the cute font on your blog?

  2. Hi! What kind of pencils are they? I keep things in boxes, baskets etc..too.


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