Printing for a Show

It's an interesting process for me getting ready for an Art Show, what do you take, how much space do I have, what is my clientele going to be...and so on.  I tend to stress a little gearing up to the event but I try to use this to my advantage, it gives me the energy I need to get organized. 

I have found after doing many shows that I need to tailor my stock to the theme or emotion of the event.  That being said never compromise your true self, stay on your passionate path, what it is you love.  For instance; I have done Fibre Art Shows so I take more drawings related to that subject, quilts, pincushions, ball of wool with needles.  If they are spring shows I take flower drawings (Munster Sunflower) fall shows I take hockey  drawing (Easton skates) you get what I'm inferring.

Offer different levels of your work so anyone can purchase and enjoy the beauty you have worked so hard to share.  Prints (16x20, 11x14, 8x10, 5x7) Cards, mention that these can be framed as well, when you send a card you are sending a present as the handwritten letter is becoming more scarce.  Interact on a personal level with your admirers, I feel that when they stop they are telling you that they would like to get to know you a little better.

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