Riding the Wave of Creativity

Oh my it's been a busy spring even though our weather has been more summer like of late.  We've had many a hot steamy day most of the month of May and I think it's helping my creative mind unleash all it's dreams.  I have become a definite believer in the action of affirmations, when you put it out there the universe takes note and aids in making these possibilities...realities.  I think when you are on the right path (where you are balanced) you are encouraged to continue by a feeling deep within you know to be true.  All I can describe it as is an excitement, that feeling you used to get as a child when you couldn't wait to get up Christmas morning, a feeling of deep peace that makes you smile for no reason.

I have been writing much more these days (not something I would have pictured me doing if you were to ask me a year ago) with my photo blog, an artistic column for a local website that promotes artists etc. Ottawa Valley Showcase and this art site.  Writing like drawing is very draining I find, you pull it from deep within.  I have learned so much though and I find the people are liking what I'm writing, go figure, so I will continue to expand my horizons...I'm having so much fun.  Jump on board and try something that is totally foreign to you, you will learn a lot about what you are truly capable of.

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  1. I totally believe in the powers of affirmations and positive thinking, I see it in action daily. I find it exhilarating and scary at the same time.


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