Inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts

'Show the world your creativity'

A little while ago I purchased a book (a book Wendy told me about) by Kelly Rae Roberts, Taking Flight. I was so taken with her beautiful colours, charming faces and calming inspiration that I could hardly put it down.

Now being a pencil artist this type of painting is way out there for me. I work with a very controlled medium where I can bring to life the most minute detail, something that I absolutely love so letting go and exploring was very foreign. Wendy and I jumped in.

I wanted to try all of Kelly Rae's techniques, to try them on so to speak, and see what appealed to me. The above painting is taken from her book (page 55) but with a twist, I painted the heroine in my image. I wanted this as a reminder to myself that it's good to try new things, it makes you grow and reach.

It says 'I declare my intention to become true to me' Thanks Kelly Rae for your inspiration, I was able to stretch my wings a little.

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