A Little More Winter Wonderland

I wanted to share another wintry photo. We had another flurry of snow over night which is really starting to accumulate, it's lovely to look at but not so nice to shovel. My little reindeer are all but buried out front, all you can see is their lights glowing under a mound of white fluff, guess I'll have to form a search party and rescue them.

You can see little tracks here and there, I imagine the mice are running underneath, making roadways this way and that, a great way to hide. The deer have passed by on their way to the cedar bush out back for shelter.

I miss the days when the offspring would beg for me to put on my snow pants, go outside and build a snow fort or take them sliding...maybe I can talk them into it when they get home from school, I think they'll be game, we all should take time to play.

Warm wishes


  1. Nice. Good luck with getting the boys out to play in the snow:0)

  2. lovely post sheila.... and you have a lot more snow than we do!! hope you can convince the "offspring" to join you outside... :)
    it's -30 here and i am putting off heading out for a walk... ugh... but i know i will feel a lot better after i do.

    have a wonderful week, kim

  3. Hey Kim. Thanks, my boys are 18 & 15 now but we still spend a lot of time together. Our cold weather is coming tonight so we're pulling out the woolies. My cousin is in Elnora, AB she told us how cold their weather has been so now it's our turn I guess. It's good for the soul to get outside but I think I'll have to wait a while.

    Talk to you soon, Sheila


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