Beauty of the Season

I am so in awe of our scenery right now, it is absolutely beautiful and even though I don't like driving in it the snow is the most wonderful thing I can imagine. It's like covering you with a blanket that warms your heart with the feelings of Christmas. Things are so much brighter with this perfect white downy duvet.

The smell of a wood fire burning in the shed, warming it's frosty contents, brings memories of hauling sleighs of logs, with the boys in tow, to the house and wet boots down the stairs to the big black, sooty wood stove waiting, mouth wide, for more fuel. It's such a comfort to remember these details (which at the time just seems like a lot of work) that I now can miss those simpler days.

Hope you all are enjoying your scenery and remember during the busy days ahead that we only need to look to find beauty.


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