Happiness Pages - Step One

As many of you know I am a huge fan of these disc journals.  If you are not familiar with them what makes them unique is that your paper is removable.  Yes, I said removable!  That means your layout or sections are not permanent which I believe is why many people are reluctant to use up journals...it's just so final.  I like to move my pages from section to section depending on what is needed.

I am really fond of this type of graph paper.  Grey lines which are framed so it gives you a boarder.  Staples used to have this paper for the 5.5x8.5 journals but I can't seem to find it in Canada anymore. I have created my own 'Think Pages' which I have available for purchase.  You can also make your own or use the lined paper which is provided with the journal.

This is the explanation plaque I have at the beginning of my Happiness section.  I came across this idea on Pinterest where the author was keeping her Happiness in a jar on pieces of paper.  I wanted to keep it a little more contained and portable so I came up with the Happiness Pages where we write in bubbles of different shapes on a two page spread.

We will start by opening your two pages.  These will be your facing pages to create one month of Happiness.  Happiness pages can be started at any time of the year.  I decided to do my pages by the month and date so I can look back at a particular time of the year and reflect on what was happening.

I pick a corner section to place my month block which varies in size depending on the month.  Still only two squares high but 6 long for short named months and 8 to 10 long for longer names.  I draw leaves on the corners of my boxes...it just gives it a little jazz, you can doodle anything on yours.

I use black ink for my bubbles as I like to colour in each as I fill up my pages but feel free to use what ever colour you like.

Next week we can begin to draw our bubbles, I will show you how I space things out.

Any questions just drop me a line.

See you soon,


  1. this sounds like a fun and creative way to keep track of our many blessings. is there something we should be doing this week in prepping before creating our first pages?

    1. HI Deb. I am so glad you're going to give it a go. I'm starting slow so everyone can get their supplies together. If you are ready start by thinking about your spread, will you date it's? Think of some bubble shapes you might like to us or practice some like mine...to get a feel for the layout.

  2. Hi Sheila I'm looking forward to this. My journals are NOT artsy and it's time they were. I just happen to have one of the ARC half size journals that I use and it has the graph paper . graph paper is a must for me due to my history as an interior designer. I don't go anywhere without some. (in case I need to draw something architectural -you know) I have Faber Castel india ink pens and I hope these will be good for adding colour later on without the lines bleeding.


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