Happiness Page Project - Laying out your page

Hello All, looking forward to the weekend?  I have decided that Friday was a good day to post about the Happiness Page project as most of us are happiest on Fridays and it gives you a chance to work at your pages all weekend.

So this weekend lets lay out your boxes for September.

I use basically three different shapes but feel free to explore many more.  I like the basic box using double lines, squiggly double lines and the cloud/scalloped edge as seen above.  These can be made any size to fit on your page.  I make long boxes, square, rectangular what ever suits your fancy.

The graph paper helps keep your box structure but if you have a good eye lined paper works.

This is my two page spread for September.  I alternate my month block from one page to the other but you can also put them in the same spot for easy access when looking for a particular date.

This year I put little leaves in the corners of my month block to make the stand out.

The key thing you need to keep in mind is the number of blocks you will need for the month.  For the most part it is either 30 or 31 which means 15 or 16 for your two page spread.  Use my spacing here to get a feel for your layout...you will find it easy to judge your own after you practice a little.

You can have extra spaces left which is perfect for adding little doodles or inspirational words.

As I fill in my blocks with my 'happiness thought' I colour them in as well.  Some months I choose a pallet others I pick on a whim.  I like to use my Norris colour Staedtler pencils for their very muted colour.  If you prefer markers test their saturation first before you commit to your page, they may bleed through.

Next week I will share with your a style of lettering I like to use for my month titles.

Happy Drawing this weekend.

If you have any questions drop my a line, I will help best I can.

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