Gratitude Journal - For The Love of Paper

As many of you know I have a true love of paper.  Texture, weight, colour, finish, pattern there are so many papers for so many uses..  It seems I am always on the hunt for just the right paper for the task at hand.

Today I'm talking about the paper I use for dividers in my Gratitude actually is more of a cover stock weight as opposed to paper...60lb give or take.  You want something heavy enough but not too thick as to take up much room.

Just like fabric or wool, patterned paper is just as endless.  There are themes upon themes of co-ordinating collections to droole over.  I equate choosing these lovelies to choosing fabric for have to remember, you're not wearing it...go wild!

'The Gardener" has a Spring feel to it with butterflies and leaves but any of the papers may be changed out for a colour of your choice.  I like to combine different collections though the co-ordinating papers are wonderfully complimentary. 

You can keep to a particular colour theme such as 'The Fashionista' (my word description)

But if you're anything like me your colour pallet changes throughout the year, depending what you're working on and the season.  'The Romantic' is perfect for an Engagement, Wedding, Love or Romantic Journal.

The other fabulous thing about these papers is that they are double sided which means you actually are getting a whole new set of dividers to switch to…just flip them over.

These are just a minute sampling of the vast collection of papers available.  You may have a favourite colour scheme or theme…I can try to find it for you and create a unique look special to you.  

I hand pick, cut and fashion these dividers myself. . . no machines, just little ol' me trimming with scissors.  The punched cut outs are done with my Levenger Leverage Punch. . . a great tool.  The dividers can also be fashioned for a three-hole binder and in the Spring I will offer a larger version of the Journal. . . make sure you stop back in.

That's all for now,  take care and we'll talk soon.


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