I Have Been Busy, Really I Have.

Well hello one and all, long time no see...talk...well you know what I mean.

I hope you all have been keeping well and keeping busy.  Me?  I have been doing both.

I found in the Spring I was having a harder time keeping my creativity alive, things just weren't flowing as I felt they should and that puts pressure on oneself.  I found I was worrying too much about the business and was loosing the 'artist'.  Thus begins the vicious circle of the dreaded spiral into the approaching roadblock of two of the most important aspects of an artists cycle...passion and creating.  By passion I mean the desire or need to be creative and then the physical task of putting it into action.

So I have been travelling on this road of rediscovery, seeking out what creativity truly means to me.  I began with the basics...asking the question 'What makes me happy?'  The answer that kept surfacing was 'CREATING' in general.  It didn't have to be a major series of drawings for my next great exhibit it just had to be...fun!
I used to sew quite a bit so I made new drop cloth curtains for my living room...well that helped.  I began to look around the house for things to revamp.  

I gave my kitchen light switch plate cover a new, fresh look...cool.  A little sanding, paint and tissue tape.  Repainted a bar stool to now be used as a plant stand...I like this and you remember that cute little cabinet I painted back in March.  I tried photo transfer onto a Lazy Susan I use on our kitchen table...not bad.  I gave a fresh coat of paint to our remote holder...now that's more like it.  This painting/re purposing got me on my way to finding my old funky self, nothing is safe anymore.  

Recently I was asked to paint a sweet saw blade for a neighbour...I remember this, I like this. (I'll show you that another time...it's a beauty)

So now that I've caught you all up on things I haven't been neglecting my blog, I've been busy...creating...really.

Stay tuned, I have a few other things to show you.


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