Scheduling Studio Time

After spending time reflecting and planning as Michael Nobbs suggested for January, I could see how scheduling studio time was an important factor for me to move forward . . . and that's what I have put into practice this week.

Spending somewhere around 4 hours per day to be in my stdio, to re-aquaint myself with my supplies/tools has been enlightening - I have missed my pencils, missed playing.  This has been very cathartic for me - I was a little rusty in the beginning but it seems to be flowing a little easier each day.

It's funny how things come into our lives when we need them most or we have to be at that right moment to recognize them.

Allow yourself time, if you need, to work up to your set hourly goal.  Begin with half an hour and progress from there.

Many people don't realize how much energy it takes to be creative . . . it's digging deep and pulling from your soul, your inner being and releasing that out into the world.  That takes energy and courage.

Be courageous and patient . . . you'll get there.


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