20 Minutes A Day - Reflection/Tiny Steps

Hello fellow Artsies - hope you are well.

I am finding it difficult to motivate myself these days . . . could be still recovering from the flu but energy is often low for me this time of year as it is for many of you I know.

I am continuing with Michael Nobbs' practice of 20 minutes a day but for February it is tiny steps.  Grab a project you have been wanting to tackle or finish and set aside 20 minutes each day to work on it.  This is very do-able in my mind . . . it's not so over-whelming to look at a project in this way.  The sense of accomplishment is something that appeals to my over taxed mind.

Have a project you can leave and pick up the next day - don't have something you will have to set up and clean away, that just becomes another chore.  KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Some like to use a timer for this practice, I use the clock on my laptop, it's whatever works best for you . . . try a few different methods and see which you like best.  I find a timer a little distracting and often once you get started you may not want to be interrupted if you're on a roll.

That's it for me . . . catch you on the flip side.


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