Keeping Track Of All Those Appointments

Hello my friends . . . so glad you could stop by.

I don't know about you but for years I've had this desperate need to be organized or at least feel organized.  It could be my Virgo characteristics pushing through or my Mother's voice quietly speaking to me, whichever it is I have searched for many years for a system that worked for me. . . and I think that is the key. . . it has to work for YOU.

I kept trying on different systems that, in my mind, would give me a sense of direction though now looking back I can see that they were too rigid.

I discovered Jennifer Lee's Right Brain Business Plan a while back in where she uses sticky notes to colour code her activities. . . oh this so works for me because, as you can imagine, I am a visual person.

I did change her system just a little to suit me. . . again, it has to fit YOU.

She uses large paper calendar from The Paper Source and has it covering her wall.  I agree this is a nice way to see the 'Big Picture' but for me I didn't have the wall space.  I opted for a dry erase version where I can erase and add as I need along with the colourful post-it notes.  For now just one will do though I can add one or two more if needed.

It sits right over my desk so I can access it easily as well as see it from anywhere in the room.

I have assigned different coloured stickies for Personal, Meetings, Communication, Volunteer Stuff, Office Stuff, the possibilities are endless and changeable.  It is so bright and colourful which makes it so easy for me to focus on what is happening that week, day or month.

What do you think?  Does this work for you?

Hope you have a productive week


  1. Great system. I do something similar, but it's on google calendar. Colour coding is great!

  2. I know right? I love calendars, I use the google calendar too then I can always have it with me. There is something satisfying about being able to move my little stickies around if I don't get to a particular task.


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