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Hello and welcome, I'm so glad you have come.

I have always loved the look of natural stone.  I have for years collected rocks and especially flat stones that I would come across while out and about on the farm much to my honey's chagrin.  I have stepping stones all through my flower beds, I just find it easier for watering and weeding.

I have always wanted a flat stone path and entry way so I have begun a new project.  A couple of years ago I had dug away the sod and with the help of my dearest we had a gravel half moon at the front of our home.  Now it's time to upgrade so to speak.

I have laid 5 flat stones right at the step and will work my way out.  It's like a treasure hunt and puzzle all at the same time. . . finding the right stones that will fit together with the others.  As long as you don't want instant gratification, it's a lesson in patience, a process.

This is so much fun, something I can putter away at and soon enough it will be complete . . . now just to find some more stones . . . wish me luck.

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  1. Looks like the stone are limestone?? I live right near a quarry. If you come to my neck of the woods you can make one big haul and have your project complete:)

    1. Oh Wow that would be fantastic, I wonder what they would say at the border? lol! I have become obsessed with finding stones, drives my husband crazy. They may be limestone, I'll have to ask my oldest, he's studying Geology. We have a lot of pink granite (I believe it's called) around this area, looks so great in the garden. Have a great day Dawn, thanks for stopping by.


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