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Hello my Artsy friends . . . so nice of you to drop by.

As you may have noticed from my last post I have taken a bit of a break from my pencil work and have rediscovered my love of gardening and cooking (this often happens to me during the summer months)  I love being outside, although this summer has been extremely hot and dry, moving plants, harvesting veggies and creating with food.

There are so many ways we can create and be inspired to be creative.  I've taken a very serious interest in the food we were eating (too many processed things) and have made it my mission to improve the quality of what I'm feeding my family.

I love to buy local and I feel it is something we all should make a priority if at all possible.  My neighbour, next farm over, sells a variety of meats as well as farm fresh eggs . . look at these lovelies I picked up, I am so fortunate to have this literally in my back yard.  I love to see the little brown hens scattered all over their front yard . . . that's country livin'!

I came across a wonderful blog Creative Cain Cabin ( I don't know if were are related, we're working on that) and fell in love with all the wonderful DIY projects she posts.  Take a look at Dawn's blog if you get a chance.

I have been cooking and pickling, baking and harvesting (even in this heat) it's funny to me that when you are inspired you will find a way to tackle anything.

Head down to your local markets, check to see what the neighbours are selling . . . there is so much great stuff available right next door.

Have a good one



  1. this would be a challenging art project subject!

    1. Yes indeed it would be, don't know if I'll tackle that one yet.

  2. Shelia,
    Thanks for the mention. I have a unique greenhouse near me. You get on line, order the fruits and veggies you want, give them a day, they go pick for you and you pick it up that night. Talk about fresh. I love to buy organic and local, I also have farm fresh eggs. Nothing better.
    Have a wonderful week, girl....

    1. No prob, I love reading your blog. You are so fortunate to have a place like that close by, now that is fresh. It gives me such a great sense of peace, feeling that life can be simple if we just slow down and look at all the beautiful things close by. I do love IKEA too though, we have a wonderfully new large store about 1/2 hour away in Ottawa. I can spend hours there, I usually do. My husband really hates when I say 'let's go to IKEA...make a day of it'. lol


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