Draw With Me - Sharing Some Spring Colours

Hello my Artsy friends. . . I hope you are well and looking forward to Spring springing. . . albeit slowly.

I have had my oldest boy home from university for a week (only a week) and he is off again, flying up North to work.  He studies geology and landed a primo job with a mining company in Nunavut. . . how exciting is that, right?  He had a long day flying yesterday leaving from Ottawa at 7am then to Toronto on to Edmonton then Yellowknife.  He flies to Nunavut this morning. . . Mom is a little anxious.

I thought I would share a few of my coloured pencil drawings that are cheery and bright for Spring.  These are such a departure from my regular photo realism graphite and so much fun to develop and construct.  You may be asking why I say construct. . . there is a lot going on when you are creating a drawing from your imagination as opposed to drawing from a still life or photograph.  It's all about constructing a flow and filling the space in a balanced way.

I begin with an idea or theme that has popped into my mind (usually while I sleep) and I jot down basic shapes and elements to begin developing my composition.  I will draw, erase and re-draw many times before I am satisfied with my composition and then I will spend many an hour developing my palette. . . blending and layering colours to find the look I have in mind.

I use Derwent pencils as well as Prismacolor pencils. . . they are both very wonderful to blend being that they are creamy (waxy) and full of gorgeous pigment.  A nice smooth vellum surface heavy stock I find works the best for blending for these drawings.  I have used canvas paper though eating your pencils it gives you a fabulous 'painting' effect. . . it all depends on what look you are going for.

The next time you look at a painting or drawing look deeper than the surface and you will see so much more.  

Enjoy your week and enjoy being creative.



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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I do enjoy sharing what I know. Maybe it will inspire you to try something new and encourage you to pay it forward as well.


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