This Week In The Studio

Hello and welcome Artsy friends. . . what's happening in your studio?

This week I am spending my time getting caught up on more paper work.  It actually feels so good to get all my ducks in a row. . . cleaning up some personal files and archiving some business ones.  It takes a bit of time to get my brain to flip to the business side but once I'm there look out, the paper starts a flyin'.

I think if I hadn't gone into art I would have liked book keeping. . . now there's opposite land for ya.  I think it's the organizing thing. . . I really enjoy that.  It's a constant struggle for me. . . to find a place for everything and the time to do it.  My problem is I love 'STUFF'!  Stuff all around!  As long as it's organized I'm good.

I think what I've learning over my business years is to not to leave it all to the end of the year, keep a running total of my business activity. . . much easier when tax time comes around, it was actually a snap.

I keep a 5 column Analysis pad (I picked up at Staples) handy so it's easy to jot things down.  Some of you may rather use a computer program but I have found I can't always get to the computer when I have a entry so I find this works for me.  Later I enter it all into a spread sheet.  It's important to find a system that you will use.

Have a great week, do some organizing. . . only if you feel like it.

Talk to you soon


  1. Well, as usual you are neatly organized and I throw my store receipts in a drawer. lol I need to take myself seriously. I like your accounting ledger.

  2. I should probably tell you that at one time I was a personal secretary and then worked in a bank as a loan officer. I was organized and knew how to keep track of money. I don't know what happened to me. lol

    1. Oh Susan that's fantastic. Don't they say the mechanic has the worst running car. Organizing is something I love to do, I find it great fun just never enough time to do it the way I want.


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