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Good morning my Artsy friends. . . I hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend.  Our weather has been just beautiful, lovely and sunny with highs around 13C-15C. . . what you would expect for April.  We had our Easter dinner yesterday. . . ham, scalloped potatoes, turnip, corn and of course pie. . . I do love pie.

I must spend this week re-stocking my cards and prints as well as scanning my new Baby Shoe drawing, I think it will be a nice addition to my Heirloom Drawing Collection as well as my Shoe Series (it kind of hits on both. . . you'd think I had a plan) I draw what I love. . . vintage and shoes.  This process should take me a good part of the week as well as some office work. . . must keep things organized and I know you must be saying 'yuk' but no I like to organize.

Hang on a sec I have to go make a coffee. . . oh thank goodness. . . ahhhhh.

OK now that's better, where was I?  Oh yes, so printing, printing, printing is my major task this week but you know it's something I love to do.  I feel like I have accomplished a great deal

This is the paper I use for my cards and prints, Inkpress.  It's has a wonderful texture and weight which is something that I look for in an Art Card.  Check out the link above for more info.

So what's going on in your studio this week?  I would love to hear.  Drop me a note.

Take care



  1. Could you come over and organize for me? Did I ask you that already? lol Thank you for sharing the info on the paper, can it be put through any inkjet printer?

  2. I would if I could time I'm in town, lol. Yes this paper is wonderful and it is for the inkjet printer...I use it in my Epson.


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