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Hello my Artsy friends, nice to see you.  Happy New Year!  (Big Hug)  

Did you ring in the New Year in grand fashion?  We were to attend a local potluck with friends and family which is fitting as we live in a wonderful little rural community.  Home cooked goodness with great company...couldn't ask for anything more but I got sick and found myself home with my boys...I was where I love most.  One was cooking and the other was playing honey and I watching the hockey game.

I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I received an e-mail from the lovely Kirsty at the Derwent Pencil Company in Cumbria, UK informing me of my winning yet another bunch of pencils.  This time I received a blister pack (plastic wrapped on card board) of six metallic pencils...I absolutely love getting packages in the mail, just like a kid at Christmas...oh wait it was Christmas (giggle).

These are the colours in the pack... Silver 80, Pewter 81, Gold 82, Antique Gold 83, Bronze 84, Copper 85.  The interesting thing is that they are watersoluble...oh the possibilities.  For hints and tips visit

On another note I would like to give you a little hint of a surprise to come in the New's still in the planning stage but won't be long, I am very excited about it and I hope you are too.

I would like to wish you prosperity and wellness for 2012

All the best my friends

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  1. Oh can't wait to see what you great with these new pencils!


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