This Week in the Studio

Welcome Artsies...I'm so glad you popped by.

Are you getting busy?  This time of year can get so crazy it's hard to keep it all in day at a time works for me.

This week among other things I'm replenishing my stock of hand drawn book marks...they are so much fun to do.  I love to share these with people as I'm an avid's one of those luxuries I hope we continue to pass on to the ones we love.  Watercolour paper, Sakura black pen and a few coloured pencils...good times.

I also love to bake shortbread cookies and share them...I have so far made 20 dozen and counting.  It's the one activity that can put me in the Christmas spirit (that and the Yuletide Fireplace station with the burning logs)  I don't actually bake these in my studio but I do eat them there at break time with a nice cuppa.  

This is Spike, my dear friend Wendy bought him for me a little while ago...isn't he wonderful?  He's who I share my tea and cookies with in the studio.

I hope you take time to enjoy this Christmas season and the people you love.



  1. Would love to try the cookies! Do you deliver to Orleans :)

  2. Not this week Rosa...they are yummy and easy to make though...try the recipe.


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