This Week at the Studio

Hello my fellow Artsies . . . how fare you this week?

I wanted to share with you a little of what's been going on at Locust Tree studio this week.  I always seem to be busy and that's a wonderful feeling . . . I rise in the morning and can't wait to get down to my studio, pull out my soft retro fuchsia chair and switch on the desk lamp.

Sunday or early Monday morning I sit with my morning coffee and make a list for the week . . . things that I would like to accomplish, things that have been rattling around my brain, things that keep me awake . . . things that make me very excited.

I try to balance my work as best I can, a little office work, a bit of maintenance and of course creating.  When I maintain a bit of everything it keeps the flow (and me) balanced. . . stops me from getting too crazy.

I've been putting together some pendant necklaces with my art in them.  I print out my images and painstakingly trim each image to fit the tray (the trays aren't all equal and each print requires custom fitting).  Once I have about 10 to 12 ready I mix the resin and pour.  It's a little time consuming but I just love to see them come alive..

Post Script -
You may be wondering why I call my studio Locust Tree Studio . . . here's why.  I live in the country about a half an hour from the capital of our great land, it's a beautiful place to be.  We have fifty acres of land and many natural growing trees.  At the end of our lane is where the old homestead once stood and I imagine the dwellers brought with them plants from their home land.  There is now a wonderful grove of Locust trees which in the spring buzz with bees searching for the sweetest smelling nectar you can imagine . . . just lovely.

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