Paper Love

Good morning my Artsy friends.

A seamstress loves the colours of fabric. . . a knitter loves the feel of wool. . . a cabinet maker loves the smell of oak. . . I love the texture of paper.  I will buy paper just to be able to look at  it, I don't need to have a purpose for it, it just has to sit there.

I was out to our local art store (Wallack's). . . oh, just to look. . .  honest, and decided that a few sheets of light weight watercolour paper was needed to make a new journal (just what I need more paper. . .  believe you me, I have paper) but there is something about a fresh, untouched piece of pristine paper.  It represents a fresh start, a new beginning for me. . . possibilities.  

My favourite paper is 140lb cold press watercolour paper - I know it's a little heavy but lovely texture indeed, throw a wash on it and you're ready to go.  My second is a smooth Bristol - great for writing, pen and ink, coloured pencil - it all depends on the overall effect you are looking for.  Thirdly, a parchment with it's slightly transparent crispness.  Oh I could go on, why stop at three?  I'll save that for another day.

Now I don't by any means limit myself to plain white paper, I have sheets of handmade paper that you would die for - works of art in themselves and I will eventually find the perfect project to use these in but sometimes it is hard to let them go, to cut into that perfect sheet.

Do you have a favourite paper?  What do you use it for?

Have fun friends.

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