Art is All Around

Hello Art Buddies, hope you are keeping well. . . and busy.

As I sit in the early morning hours, eating my ancient grain (well done) toast smothered in sunflower seed butter, drinking oj and coffee, I'm reflecting on the fabulous artists I meet and what they are creating right here in my own back yard.  Well, not HERE in my backyard, albeit lovely and inspiring, but you know what I mean.

Most of my dear friends are creatives and I see what they are creating daily . . . the world is a wondrous place . . . and there is so much more to discover.

In this world of mass produced...well, everything, I am constantly amazed at the beautiful things I can find . . . right here!

Some pals of mine asked me to go check out a couple of shows this weekend and I'm so glad they asked.  It is truly fantastical to me that after all the shows I have been to that I can stumble upon something so unique that  I've never seen before . . . oh the creative process!

In particular we attended the Ottawa Glass Bead Artist Show . . . this was my first time and I've got to tell ya it's a little overwhelming at first.  The colour, the texture . . . the infinite beauty.  These Artists are creating mini works of art within art.  They not only design beautiful pieces of jewelry but are creating one of a kind glass beads in which they incorporate into their creations as well . . . FANTABULOUS!

Surround yourself with beauty . . . Support local artists.

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