I love to organize my stuff

I've often said that if you have the right tools it makes your life a whole lot easier, that's what these drawers do for me (among other tools I have mentioned in previous posts). I love to organize things, always have, and when things are in order I feel I can direct my attention to the task at hand. It grounds me, centres my soul so I can concentrate totally on what I'm trying to accomplish. Drawing for me requires a great deal of energy and after a days work I am spent, it drains me but I suppose that's the way it should be I am putting my heart and soul into each piece I create.

I don't often sell my originals unless they were commissioned. It's like I have given birth to each new creation and I have a difficult time letting them go, not knowing what will become of them. I know it sounds silly but I get very attached to my precious progeny. You can usually tell when an Artist has put a great deal of him/herself into a piece, you can see the love.

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...true but also think beauty is in the hand of it's creator as well.

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