Let's Talk Art

Here is my set up for the Alcatel-Lucent Christmas Gift Show, this was a new one for me - a two day event in which the clientele come to peruse our wares over their lunch hour.

What a lovely building and I always meet such wonderful people (vendors and shoppers) at the shows that I do. This is where I can talk 'Art' for a couple of hours to who ever will listen... love it. People have beautiful comments and questions and I always learn so much.

It's so interesting to me to see how creative people in our own backyard are. My gal pal Wendy Southin and her Steam Punk jewelry (a new phrase for me) at Dragonfly Dreams and my new sweet friend Jenn Reid (and Mom) at Crazy Bliss with her whimsical Art. You should check them out, very cool.

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend pals. Spend some time with family and friends, tell them you love them.

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