Winged Lovelies

I'm always looking for new art forms to try, this was one I found a few years ago - Scherenschnitte is the Art of intricate cut paper. Many people cut the paper with small sewing scissors and such but I found an x-acto knife is more easily controled and works best for me. It's actually a lot of fun (but then again I absolutly love detail) cutting out shapes then revealing an intricate image that resembles lace. Many of these are designs are meant for framing but I love to put them on a shade, illuminating them brings in a whole new dimension.

Whenever you try a new technique of any kind it's only beneficial to you as an Artist, you learn new ways to incorporate it into your own work and to give said work a new life. You've got to keep trying on different hats, odd ones, tall ones even hats that are a little strange, that's the only way you'll know which one fits you. Tell me, which hat do you like?

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