We all need something a little funky now and then

Don't you find that on these dull, rain filled, autumnal days having something a little 'cool' makes you feel just a tad brighter? It does me. (I knit this a while ago) I have a thing for bags, it must be a girl thing or at the very least a past life obsession from my vagabond days with the gypsies. My paternal grandmother was Mary McGillicuddy (my middle namesake) From my understanding the McGillicuddy's were a large Irish clan (back in the Medieval day) thus my meandering ways were formed. My Great Grand Father, Jerimiah McGillicuddy, was a musician, he travelled with a band playing fiddle to who ever would listen, my Aunty Ag was a painter, a wonderful, beautiful woman, my cousin an actor, artistic roots run deep for me. Find your passion, it may manifest in many forms, I know mine has. I've been creating all my life and I would not have it any other way. Open up to all possibilities.

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