A Well Deserved Break

('Dandy' photo by Sheila)

I've been working pretty hard these last few weeks, you know this is a busy time for a lot of us. I'm doing a lot of shows, teaching classes, keeping track of things at shops I have my prints at, finding new venues and My Etsy Shoppe and all that entails.

Some say 'Oh well, you've got it easy, you work from home'. Granted I am doing something I absolutley love and I thank the Lord everyday but I also work very hard and would never change it for anything. We artists have to work 3 times as hard as most to acheive greatness but when you believe in yourself (and we all have our moments of doubt) you forge ahead because you know deep down that this is the path that has been laid out for you.

Follow your path, you know you're only happy when you're there in the middle of it all, knee deep in frustration and balance but remember it's the journey we're on that's important and I've met so many wonderful flowers along my path.

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