Snow Buddy

I've been playing with a different medium these days (it's good to change it up every now and then) I love to send handmade cards at Christmas to family and friends so this is one of this years card set.
(you can find these at my Etsy Shoppe).

I draw the image with a Sakura Micron Pigma black pen then hand colour with Twinkling H2O Luminarte watercolour paints. These paints are awesome as they give a little subtle shimmer to your Art work (a perfect effect for these cards) I use 140lb coldpress watercolour paper as I wanted a good weight.

I know there's a big push to 'save trees' and so on and I support the 3R's totally but it sure is nice to recieve a hand written card that you know someone has taken the time to pick for you, write in it and send. It's about taking time to appreciate one another, letting your lovelies know they mean a great deal to you.

People are gone too quickly from our lives, let them know you're thinking of them.


  1. I love to receive letters and cards, and a handmade one would be so special!


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