It amazes me, and I know I've mentioned this before, how creative I get when I'm feeling under the weather. That side of the brain is more alive and I'm not sure what causes this, ideas just seem to present themselves with little or no effort on my part. I love to take photos and in particular macro photography is quite attractive to me. The detail I find just fascinating, every hair, bubble, petal and line, as in my ART, comes alive to my eye. Many of my photos sit for quite a while then in an instant an idea formulates and that 'Bee' I took last year has a new life. Doodling is a marvelous way to get creative juices flowing, I started to do this to my photos and now I have a new line of cards. I feel their energy and the words manifest. Try doodling (you probably did it as a teen) let the pen flow, you'll like what happens. Watch for my new SPRING cards.

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