CREATIVITY! It presents itself in many ways and can be interpreted in many more. I've seen it in the unusual design of a building, the careful curve of a beautiful boot and in nature (though this is a divine element, none the less it is creativity at it's best). Someone has seen something in their minds eye and followed through to have it realized. That is truly awesome. We are all creative in some form be it cooking an enticing meal for our lovelies, arranging a room in such a way that is esthetically perfection, it is there in all of us. We need to LOOK carefully at the beauty around us. On a lonely afternoon, take your camera and go for a walk. Really look at what's 'presenting' itself to you, offering if you will. You will be amazed at what you missed but has been there all along waiting for you to discover.


  1. Thank you for adding my to your blog post! I am going to be updating mine soon. I love that photo of the barn wood. I grew up in famlands and the old barn is such a part of the landscape!

  2. "Blog post" really meant Blog List! :-)


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