Fully functional journal designed by yours truly.  Comes with 52 weeks of gratitude pages for you to doodle and colour to make it your own.  As well as  a 12 month calendar to begin when you choose.  I handpick and cut the section dividers made from beautifully coloured stock.  Covered with plastic protection front and back.  Pages can be moved easily from section to section.  

Each Journal is $25.00



Same as above these journal/notebooks have a hand drawn monogram in pen/ink and shaded with pencil on the front cover.

Size:  4.5"x5.5"

E-mail me your choice of letter when ordering.

1 Notebook $10.00



I love notebooks, there is something about a fresh page.  These little lovelies have 26 pages (52 sides) of laid paper (textured)  So wonderful for pen and ink as the texture provides a natural line for writing.  The tooth also allows the artiste the texture needed for sketching.  Carry in your bag for easy note taking.  Covered with a beautiful muted stock of French influences.
Size: 4.5"x5.5"

2 Notebook pkg. $12.00


 I am always looking for the perfect journal/notebook, something I can carry easily in my bag or purse and if you are like me you have MANY journals.  Out of necessity I began making these little lovelies for myself and students who were learning Pen and Ink techniques.  These journal/notebooks are the perfect size to practice patterns.  I cut, fold, round corners and sew all by's something I love to do.  Filled with 26 parchment paper pages (52 sides) for musings, doodles or any Artsy stuff.Covered with smooth finish natural kraft paper stock to make unique just like you.  Use the back folder pocket to tuck away special clippings you want to save.

2 Notebook pkg. $10.00


These are a few pages from my Gratitude Journal.

We have been hearing a great deal about Gratitude over the last 10 years or so and I agree, it is very important and brings an abundance of positive into our lives. . . that is how I began my journal journey.

A few months ago a dear friend of mine, Michelle Casey at Collage Your World, wrote about the importance of Gratitude and it hit me (well more like slapped me), wake up, this is something you need in your life and it has changed my attitude ten fold.

I kept it simple, for me it has to be do-able, I write five short sentences each day listing things I am grateful for.  I keep my book (I call it a book as it houses many other lists for my life) handy. . . where I drink my first coffee by the front window and reflect.

I'm a list keeper, it helps keep it all in perspective as my mind tends to jump everywhere all the time.

I started with this 3-ring binder format as I wanted to be able to take my papers out to doodle, colour and stick but the binder isn't always the most user friendly.

After doing a great deal of research I have found a better system . . . the Levenger or Arc system.  With these rings you can fold your paper right to the back and work on your page or even better these pages are removable and reposition-able. . . I like that a lot.

I find beautiful papers to make unique dividers and I have created insert pages just for your daily Gratitude.

I will be talking about pens, paper, new inserts in future posts so pop back to check or even better join the e-mail list

I have a real passion for paper . . . really nice paper and pens, drawing and fountain. . . I'll let you know what I find.

Talk to you soon,


Gratitude Journal - Now What Do I Do?

So now you have your journal, you're wondering 'where do you start'. . . that's always the hard part, a blank page staring at you but here, there is no wrong way to do this, it's all about playing and having fun.  You'll see, it will be so easy by the time you're finished, you'll laugh.

I start with the blank Gratitude page, get familiar. . . and the best way to do this is doodle.  Get out whatever pen you love the most and put down some patterns.  I love my Copic multiliner 01size but the Sakura Micron pen 01 or 02 is just as fantastic, I switch back and forth between these two.

Then choose some colour, I use my Verithin coloured pencils 'cause that's what I have.  Copic markers work not bad but will bleed through to the other side so you actually can use the colour for both sides.  (If you're using markers try them out on a single sheet first to see what they do.)

Stick on some tissue tape, glue on some words, stamp on a date. . . whatever your little heart desires.

Now get in there and have fun!  That's an order!

Message me and let me know how you're getting along. . . I would love to hear.

Talk to you soon,



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